Physical to Digital Twin

CALM Power Twin Technology: A Synergistic Approach

Real-Time Insights & Predictive Accuracy

CALM Power’s digital and physical twin integration offers precision electrical grid simulation. 
The physical twin’s real-world data enhances the digital twin, enabling accurate risk identification and predictive analysis for grid reliability and performance optimization.   HIL testing is critical when it comes to inverter based impacts to the grid and relay systems.  We provide physical twin lab facility testing to simulate operations with grid components and firmware/software modifications to uncover any potential impacts to the reliability of the macro or micro grid under various operational scenarios.

Optimized Energy Strategies

Through the combined power of digital and physical twins, CALM Power delivers detailed energy scenario simulations. This approach empowers informed decisions on energy mix, demand response, and DER integration, leading to efficient, sustainable grid operations.

Future-Ready Grid Planning

CALM Power’s technology anticipates future grid challenges by leveraging real-world insights from the physical twin. This foresight ensures energy systems are optimized for resilience and adaptability, paving the way for sustainable energy solutions. We can support various simulation environments such as CALM, CYME, PSS/E, PSCAD, Aspen, and RTDS.