Digital Services

Digital services that maximize performance and lifespan

Digital Services

Digital Services for Substations: 
Elevating substation management to the digital age, we offer digital services designed to enhance operational efficiency, reliability, and safety. Our solutions include advanced monitoring, control systems, and data analytics, tailored to modernize and optimize your substation infrastructure.
Digital Services for Energy Storage: 
For energy storage management, we provide sophisticated digital services designed to enhance grid operational efficiency, reliability, and safety by being able to rely on storage for grid use. Our services include integrating with OEM equipment digital devices to extract the monitoring and control functions needed in legacy SCADA and EMS systems in order to include storage in grid reliability, emergency response, and asset monetization.
Installation Services: 
Our expert field technicians and engineers specialize in the seamless installation of digital monitoring and control devices for energy storage, substations, and solar systems to make them compatible with existing or new electrical infrastructure. We manage every step of the process, from initial design & site assessment to system commissioning, ensuring a perfect fit for your chosen energy system.

Digital Engineering and Support Areas of Expertise

Project Lifecycle Support for Digital Equipment

  • Commissioning and Verification: Ensuring projects meet operational requirements from the outset.
  • Decommissioning: Safely winding down projects with a focus on environmental protection and compliance.
  • Design Modification Management: Adapting projects to evolving needs and standards.
  • Plant Retrofits: Upgrading facilities to enhance efficiency, safety, and performance.

Power Generation and Infrastructure based Digital Services

  • SCADA Design and RTU/IED Design: Sophisticated control systems for real-time monitoring and management.
  • DFR/SOE, Network Design, and Integration: Advanced diagnostic tools and network solutions for robust systems.
  • Balance of Plant Support: Ensuring the seamless operation of all supporting components and systems.

Innovation and Technology

  • Digital and Physical Twins: Simulating systems for better planning and operation.
  • Power Protection, Relays, Breakers, and Inverters: Critical components for safe and efficient energy delivery.
  • Metering and Grid Modernization: Advanced metering infrastructure for accurate energy tracking and grid enhancements.
  • Integration Engineering and Load Forecasting: Integrating new technologies and predicting energy demands for efficient grid management.

Operational Excellence

  • Asset Planning and Management: Strategic asset lifecycle management for maximum efficiency and longevity.
  • Supply Chain Management: Streamlining procurement and logistics to support project timelines and budgets.
  • Contract and Warranty Management: Managing agreements to ensure favorable terms and compliance.

Safety, Security, and Maintenance

  • Cybersecurity and Data Historians: Protecting critical infrastructure and managing data for operational insight.
  • Emergency Response and Maintenance (Scheduled & Unscheduled): Preparedness for any situation, ensuring minimal downtime and continued operation.
  • Inspection and Repair: Routine and targeted maintenance for optimal performance.

Substation Digital Equipment and Protocol Experience

  •   DNP3, IEC61850, Modbus, OPC UA, MQTT
  •   RTUs (Multilin D20, RTAC, Orion, EcoStruxure, …)
  •   Protection (GE, ABB, SEL, Siemens, …)
  •   PLCs (Axion, Allen-Bradley, Modicon, …)
  •   Meters (Tesla PMU, SEL, Multilin, Powerlogic, Wattnode, …)
  •   Media and Bridges (fiber, Ethernet, RS485/232, LoRA, Zigbee, …)
  •   IRIG, NTP, PTP Time Synchronization
  •   Routers, Switches, Firewalls, VLANs, VPNs
  •   RUGGEDCOM, CrossBow, MOXA
  •   Meteorological Stations

Custom Hardware, Software, Construction, R&D, Research, Special Projects

  •   Industry Research and R&D
  •   AI/ML development and deployment using heuristics, statistics, ANN, CNN, RNN (LSTM), SVM, Decision Trees, GBM, GPT
  •   Embedded Systems Hardware/Software
  •   Secure Power Controllers
  •   Secure Data Historians
  •   Secure DER Power Contributor Controls
  •   Test Labs and Change Management and Controls
  •   Construction Planning and Management
  •   Custom Integration in Existing and In-Situ Equipment and Software